Features of Flipagram- A Fun Making App

Flipagram is one of the most popular trends these days when it comes to creating and share amazing slideshows, music videos, and photos. It is the excellent way to tell your story in an amazing way.Flipagram

Features of Flipagram

  • Flipagram offers its users to add video clips and photos as much as they want.
  • Flipagram offers free music clips that last for 60 seconds.
  • Flipagram enables the users to create styles with amazing filters.
  • Flipagram lets you get likes and comments on your post from people with who you share.
  • Flipagram gives you a chance to find friends.
  • Flipagram informs you about exciting activities through notification.
  • Flipagram enables you to control each Flipagram content you create by privacy setting.
  • Flipagram allows the users to share their Flipagram content to other media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to name a few.
  • Flipagram lets you discover different artists and music clips.
  • Flipagram enables the user to privately share the content with “Direct Messaging” option.
  • Flipagram offers full-screen flips to its users so that they can enjoy full screening view.flipagram-logo-vertical

How to use Flipagram?

If you haven’t used Flipagram till now, here is a brief and easy to follow guide that will help you enjoy using this wonderful application. Have a glance below;

First, you should select the photos or video clips from albums, photo apps or Facebook.

Next, make your story appealing by creating and adding music, interesting filters, and text message. The more your story is interesting the more likes and views you will get. Try to tell your story in your own unique way.

When it is done, you are now ready to share your story on Flipagram or other media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Whatsapp to name a few.

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