MiniMovie – Slideshow Video Edit

MiniMovie-Slideshow Video Edit is one of the most popular android applications. It enables the user to make videos from photos and give their memorable moments a new feel. If you want to experience one of the top-rated and free MiniMovie-Slideshow Video Edit apps available at Google play, here is a brief description of the application that will help you avail exciting features that this app has to offer. unnamed

MiniMovie-Slideshow Video Edit is the best free app that transforms your photos into a professionally made slideshow movie. Try your innovative ideas and explore this video making and editing app for free.

What is MiniMovie – Slideshow Video Edit?

The application works simply by collecting your photos and turning them into stunning short video clips by adding different backgrounds and music. This basically enhances the picture quality by its editing tool. You will find a library loaded with music tracks so that you can add them to your videos. You can also add your own favourite music if you want.unnamed (1)

MiniMovie-Slideshow Video Edit application allows the user to create and share videos like a professional with its easy to use tools. Make your special events like birthdays, anniversaries or festivals even more special by creating a stunning video or slideshow using this wonderful MiniMovie-Slideshow Video Edit application.

How to use?

By using the app, you can give live to your photos. All you need is to select the photos you want in the video. Next, choose and apply a slideshow, music, and a matching theme. You will get plenty of themes that can be adjusted to your particular occasion. Check the preview before saving the video. You can also rearrange the photos by adjusting the orders you want them to display in the movie. Once the video is done, you can share it to other media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.

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